Laryk Paris
Laryk Paris
Laryk Paris
Laryk Paris
Laryk Paris
Laryk Paris

Laryk Paris

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Laryk Paris

Your best travel buddy

Everything has been thought to make the Laryk Paris the best and most complete travel bag thanks to its many features. It will perfectly answer to all the problems you might encounter:

  • Is your phone out of battery? Plug it in with the cable built into the bag

  • You're too busy with your luggage ? Attach your bag to your suitcase with the special Securyk strap

  • You are afraid to lose your documents and you don't know where to put them ? Store them in the Shoulder Card Pockets

And this is only the beginning...

A suitcase on your back

You wouldn't go to Paris or anywhere else without a suitcase and lots of stuff? You can now do so with our Laryk Paris bag and its large capacity.

In addition to being able to accommodate a large number of items, this bag will allow you to store everything as you wish thanks to its many storage pockets.

It is also very light - about 2 lbs. - to prevent back pain.


You won't be able to do without it

Each accessory or garment finds its predestined place in your Laryk Paris bag. You will never again experience that unpleasant feeling of not being able to find or forget your things.

Get ready to change your life with this bag of the future!

An incomparable quality

Your many adventures shouldn't be ruined by a poor quality bag. That's why we've made sure our bags are foolproof with our reinforced PVC material.

Completely waterproof and impossible to scratch or damage, you'll feel free as a bird with this bag!

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Dimensions (inch)
18.5 x 12.9 x 6.2